Khaniqahi Nimatullahi Publications

Sufism as practiced in the Nimatullahi order emphasizes practical expression, removed from doctrine and dogmas. Khaniqah Nimatullahi Publications presents works that illuminate the Reality experienced by the great Sufis on the path of Love, in accordance with the capacity and interests of the reader. Many works published under KNP are English translations from the original Persian by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh. Present are the insights and commentaries of the masters, frequently drawn from sources otherwise unavailable.

  • Sufi Essentials

    These books introduce the reader to the substance and definition of Sufism, its aim and method, its inner practices, and what it means to be a Sufi. They are treatises on the various aspects of Sufism as a way of life and as a school of applied ethics that attempts to unite all human hearts in loving kindness.
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  • Spiritual States

    This category of Sufi literature deals with the inward transformations and transmutations that the travelers undergo on the way to God. In the classical terminology of Sufism, these spiritual experiences are summarized under the heading of the "stations" (maqamat) and the "states" (ahval).
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  • Symbolism

    The Sufi Symbolism series is the Nurbakhsh Encyclopedia of Mystical Terminology. Each volume of this encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference that explains the inner meaning of the numerous symbols, metaphors, images, and allusions in the Sufi lexicon. Relying mostly on classical Sufi texts, they provide a unique key for the interpretation of Sufi poetry and prose.
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  • Readings in Sufism

    This category of KNP literature is recommended for a wider readership - from the layperson to the traveler on the spiritual path.
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