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The Nimatullahi Order is based on fraternity and equality of all human beings, with a genuine respect for all religions of the world, as well as love and service to all humanity, regardless of creed, culture or nationality.

Putting to practice the principle of love and service to humanity, the Nimatullahi Order organizes activities depending on the circumstances and requirements of each site, through selfless works and the financial contribution of its members.

The Nimatullahi Order is, at present working in western Africa - having established both a a health center in Porto Novo, Benin, founded 1999 and a medical center in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 2005. Both centers provide services and medicine for those without finances or access to other forms of care.

In addition to the regular workforce, these centers solicit and rely upon collaboration by volunteer workers, without whose help normal functioning of the service wouldn't be possible.

The construction and operation of these centers, as well as the provision of medicines, medical equipment, food, etc. is possible, thanks mainly to contributions from individual members of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order. Gradual interest in this humanitarian project has been gathering outside the Order, attracting a measure of contribution from both small and large companies and other NGOs.

To learn more about the Centre de Sante Nimatoullah in Abijan, Ivory Coast click here

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