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Divergent sufi orders are but branches of a single tree of loving-kindness. If one order denies or repudiates another, it only repudiates itself. What follows is the sisilah or chain of the Nimatuallhi Sufi Order – the initiatory succession of sufi masters whose esoteric teaching is transmitted and continued today by our current master, Reza ‘Ali Shah (Dr. Alireza Nurbakhsh).

  • Reza 'Ali Shah (Dr. Alireza Nurbakhsh)
  • Nur ‘Ali Shah II (Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh)
  • Munis ‘Ali Shah
  • Sadiq ‘Ali Shah
  • Wafa ‘Ali Shah
  • Munawwar ‘Ali Shah
  • Rahmat ‘Ali Shah
  • Mast ‘Ali Shah
  • Majdhub ‘Ali Shah
  • Husayn ‘Ali Shah
  • Nur ‘Ali Shah
  • Ma’sum ‘Ali Shah Deccani
  • Rida ‘Ali Shah Deccani
  • Shams al-Din Deccani
  • Mir Mahmud Deccani
  • Mir Shah Shams al-Din Muhammad III
  • Mir Kamal al-Din Atiyyatullah II
  • Mir Shah Shams al-Din Muhammad II
  • Shah Habib al-Din Muhibbullah II
  • Mir Shah Shams al-Din Muhammad I
  • Mir Shah Burhan al-Din Khalilullah II
  • Shah Kamal al-Din Atiyyatullah
  • Shah Habib al-Din Muhibbullah I
  • Shah Khalilullah I
  • Nur al-Din Shah Nimatullah Wali
  • Abdullah Yafi
  • Salih Barbari
  • Najm al-Din Kamal Kufi
  • Abu’l Sa’ud al-Andalusi
  • Abu’l-Barakat
  • Abu’l-Fadl al-Baghdadi
  • Ahmad al-Ghazali
  • Abu Bakr Nassaj al-Tusi
  • Abu’l-Qasim ‘Ali al-Gurgani
  • Abu Uthman al-Maghribi
  • Abu Ali ‘Katib
  • Abu ‘Ali Rudbari
  • Abu’l-Qasim al-Junayd
  • Sari al-Saqati
  • Ma’ruf al-Karkhi
  • Da’ud al-Ta’i
  • Habib al-‘Ajami
  • Hasan al-Basri
  • Ali

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