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The attraction towards God, indeed all movement forward on the path, is due to the Will of God alone, as expressed in the Koran where God tells the Prophet, “It is not you who are responsible for guiding them, for God guides whom He wills” (2:272). This attraction toward God is called talab, which means both ‘calling’ from God’s direction and ‘seeking’ from humanity’s. Talab is the force that aids and encourages disciples during their movement towards perfection. It generates in them a feeling of dissatisfaction with their present condition, compelling them to seek a state of peace.

Although this compulsion is God at work within the seeker, it is equally vital to have a master as the outward manifestation of God’s will. If you feel this pull and would like to explore The Path further, we encourage you to Find a Center near you or to begin by reading a copy of The Path: Sufi Practices by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh.

  • Prerequisites for the Path

    Success in traveling the Path will depend upon a seeker's ability to fulfill two basic conditions or prerequisites…
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  • Becoming a Disciple

    One seeks out and submits to a master for any number of reasons. Let us cite a few of them…
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  • Initiation

    Entering the path of the people of the heart involves observing certain 'rules and manners' (adab) and ceremonies which for centures have been respected and adhered to by sufis. These 'rules and manners' and ceremonies have been handed down and followed by the masters of the path up to the present time.
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