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This Order takes its name from the great Shah Nimatullah Vali (1330 A.D. – 1431 A.D.). Shah Nimatullah is known for, not only opening the door of his bounty to all seekers and aspirants as well a his own followers, but he also paying respect to all nations and peoples and to other sufi orders of his time. His behavior was based on a code of purity and fidelity. Shah Nimatullah followed his predecessors in not separating the tariqat (the spiritual path) from the shari'at (the Islamic law) because of his belief that the haqiqat (Reality) could be attained only through integration of the two. What follows is a selection of his writings.

  • The Sea is Our Essence

    We are of the sea, and the sea is our essence why then is there this duality between us? The world is an imaginary line before the sight read well that line, for it was inscribed by us. Whatsoever we possess in both the worlds in reality, my friend, belongs to God.
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  • Tarjiband

    Ah, by Your Love, ruined hearts are rebuilt, And from Your sorrow miserable souls are made happy. In the arch of Your eyebrow, Khosrow found the Qiblih of his prayers, And in Your enchanting eyes, Farhad, his seduction.
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