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Sufi spiritual music, or sama, is like the sun: it caresses and inflames, melts and burns. Sometimes the beginners on the path find that their hearts become weary. As a result of this weariness, their states may become languid and they may neglect their spiritual practices. To correct this some sufi masters have prescribed listening to spiritual music, pure sounds that lead one back toward God, appropriate melodies and spiritually uplifting poetry.

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  • Az man juz Ma'shuq 7:58
  • Ba khoda har ke ashena bashad 7:28
  • Be-miri dar in 'eshq 9:27
  • Bi eshq jahan balast yeksar 7:20
  • Man Namanam 9:37
  • Shokre lellah ke dare 11:03


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