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Sufism III

Following Sufism II, this volume presents writing of the great sufi masters concerning another ten spiritual 'stations' and ‘states’. Through 'submission' to God's will, the lover realizes 'contentment' with God. 'Absence' from himself and the world prepare him for 'presence' with God. The sweetness of 'intimacy' with God's beauty is contrasted with 'awe' of Divine majesty. Mystics who approach inner certainty in God enjoy 'tranquility' and 'serenity'. Gradually, the trials of traveling through 'fluctuations' or constant changes of state temper the wayfarer's heart until it reaches 'stability' in perfection.

Excerpt from Sufism III

Submission (taslim)

Those who by the dagger of submission
Are cut down and slain
Gain another soul every moment
Sent form the Unseen.


How can mere reason
Of this cryptogram make sense?
The fact is this special group
Speak a different tongue
'Aino' l-Qodhat Hamadani


However much He fills me,
I am a flask of submission.
The flask is the prisoner of the Saqi,
How can it escape?



My head and dust
of tavern doorways lie together
If the poseur doesn't understand this, tell him
to beat his head against a brick.


The Perso-Arabic word taslim, literally means 'laying down one's neck', 'submission' and 'surrender'. As a technical term in Sufism, taslim signifies the letting go of artificial self-direction (tadbir) and personal free will to the Divine Will in the realization that all that God Wills or does is absolute good and for the best. Hence taslim signifies setting oneself aside before God, and the acceptance of His Will with all one's heart and soul.

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