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Sufi Symbolism V

The present volume is divided into four sections. The first examines the various types of veils between God and man, both physical and metaphorical. The next discusses and defines terminology used by the mystics for political power, government, social behavior, war and peace, followed by the spiritual symbolism of economics. The last chapter examines the lexicon of medicine and healing, analyzing the esoteric meanings of terms for sickness, health, life and death. Although the sufis are 'in this world but not of it' they adapted terms drawn from the external world to reflect inner experiences and transcendent meanings. As with all the other volumes in this series the author has used classical Persian sufi poetry to illustrate the meanings of the terms defines.

Excerpt from Sufi Symbolism V

Veil (hejab)

Veil is that which lies between the sufi and Reality (haqiqat). This veil may refer to subjective knowledge, or to revelations and visions (kashf-o shohud) or to the sufi’s own being.

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