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Sufi Symbolism III

The 3rd volume of Sufi Symbolism is devoted to sufi terms concerning various types of devotion, religious experience, spiritual practices and theological dogmas as understood by the sufis. The author reveals the inner meaning of many of the fundamental--but most often misunderstood-concepts of Islam, ranging from fasting to pilgrimage, from prophecy to infidelity, and from Hell to Paradise. Sufis' humanistic yet gnostic interpretations of these concepts split open the dry husks of ordinary religious language to reveal rich kernels of extraordinary truth.

Excerpt from Sufi Symbolism III

The Truth (haqq)

Literally, haqq means that which is established, and that which is worthy, correct or right. In addition it is a Name of God, as revealed in the Koranic verse, “That is because Allah, He is the Truth,” (XXII: 6), and “He is the Manifest Truth.” (XXIV: 25).

In sufi terminology, haqq signifies Absolute Being, (wojud-e motlaq) being which is free of any limitation.
-Kashshaf estelahat al-fonun

Our preacher hasn’t scented
     the aroma of the Truth; take note:
I will say this is his presence;
I do not mean to talk behind his back.


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