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Sufi Symbolism XIV

This volume deals with the philosophical dimension of sufi teachings, particularly with the theological nuances of a great variety of mystical terms. The reader will be able to appreciate the breath and grandeur of sufi theological speculations of terms such as "Unity of Being" and "Degrees of Multiplicity."

Excerpt from Sufi Symbolism XIV

The Unity of Being (wahdat-e wojud)

The philosophy of the Unity of Being did not exist in a structured form in the western lands of Islam before Ebn 'Arabi, who was the first sufi or gnostic in the Islamic world to posit its premises with the sincere faith and passionate zeal. Blessed with pure inner purity and rich savour, charged with breadth of knowledge and a plentitude of learning and aided by a talent for lucid explanation and a facile pen, Ebn 'Arabi set out to formulate and expand upon these premises. Then he went about expounding their ramifications and drawing conclusions ultimately bringing forth a new system, whereby a fresh cognition came to appear.

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